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1936 Delahaye 135 Competition
Disappearing Top Convertible



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Delahaye 135 Competition Convertible 1936 Figoni et Falaschi steering wheel

From its inception, this car has a clear and well-documented history... a provenance without ambiguity or confusion.  Records can be made available, from the original Delahaye factory 'build' order, through registration information. The documented chain of ownership is uninterrupted. 

Paris, France, 1935

Chassis # 46864 with Engine No. 46864 ordered from Delahaye by M. Wolf, a wealthy Parisian. Delivered in 1936, with unique disappearing-top Figoni et Falashi coachwork (Figoni # 581).


The car was sold by Wolf to Jacques Persin of Paris in 1951. This is from official Prefecture de Police records, registration # 5759T75. Persin was Director General of Facel Cars. 


Persin sold it to Peter Gagola on July 18, 1953. It is believed Gagola was an American living in Paris (at Hotel California on Rue de Beri) and an employee of Persin. It is believed he brought the car to America, or that it was imported directly from France by its next owner, Dr. Earle M. Heath of Pittsburgh, PA in the United States.

In the United States

Dr. Earle M. Heath, a very well-regarded collector and importer of important cars in Pittsburgh, PA.

William E. 'Chip' Conner, who commissioned an early 1990s restoration at Hill & Vaughn, Los Angeles. 

Ken and Ann Smith, who undertook further restoration at Alan Taylor Restoration, Escondido, California. 


Delahaye 135 Competition Convertible 1936 Figoni et Falaschi toolkit and spare wheel

A beautiful and historically significant automobile, complete in all details.



Offered for sale     “Purveyors of fine cars to the trade” 

1936 Delahaye 135 Competition, Figoni et Falaschi coachwork

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