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1980 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI VI-40 Limousine
(1983 delivery) by Mulliner Park Ward

only 7,500 miles

This is one of the rarest and most expensive Rolls-Royce cars, a Phantom VI-40 with only 7500 miles, in like-new condition and heavily optioned. Coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward carried out the lengthy and expensive process of hand-building each example to special order. 

The first Phantom VI-40, an update of the previous PVI, was introduced in 1978 with a significant number of changes and presented to Her Majesty the Queen on her Silver Jubilee. Changes included a larger 6,750 cc V-8 engine, a GM Model 400 three-speed automatic transmission, and a high-pressure hydraulic braking system. Further refinements were added over the last decade of production. 

The price of the Phantom VI rose steadily to about one million dollars (about $3,000,000 in 2015 dollars), with none to a only a few made each year. This car has only approximately 7500 miles and is one of the few PVI-40 "last series" cars. It was delivered new to Switzerland with very rare left hand drive. The few cars made led Rolls-Royce to conclude they would not import the PVI-40 to the U.S. due to crash test and other requirements. 

This pristine Phantom's running chassis was completed in 1980, but not delivered until 1983, due to the many special features that were added to the basic specification. It is equipped with front fog lights, bi-fold picnic tables, television, cocktail cabinet and requisites, reading lights, Savoy Velvet rear compartment, cassette player, velvet pillow cushions, stainless steel sills and wheel arches, etc. The rear quarter window privacy curtains are made of Savoy Velvet with velvet ties, black on the exterior to match the outside body color and beige on the inside to match the interior color.

The exterior color is black with immaculate beige leather to the front, and beige Savoy Velvet piped with beige leather to the rear compartment. Carpets are beige. Separate front and rear air conditioning, an electrically operated division window, and central door locking were also incorporated. Meticulous details abound throughout the car. 

The condition of the car is nearly as new throughout. Every area of the car is at Concours Level 1, suitable for use or as a show car at the finest concours events in the world... or simply enjoyed. Everything on the car is in perfect working order and all original books, manuals, tools, crystal, etc. are present with the car. There are also some original sales brochures which are now quite rare and some equally rare and original pigskin leather personal requisites that come with the car.

Rolls-Royce -- as a matter of policy, privacy concerns and terrorist activity during the period of production -- did not list nor keep a record of the original owners of these most expensive of the Rolls-Royce cars. In our research we talked with the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club in England. Their archive director indicated that this was very likely a head-of-state car, as it was common to use a neutral country such as Switzerland for deliveries. This pristine car was purchased in Zurich, with only 2200 miles, and flown non-stop to Los Angeles International. It has been cared for meticulously by a Southern California collector since, detailed and serviced regularly.

May:  Queen Mary Long Beach ….Best of Show and People’s Choice
June:  Huntington Beach, First In Class
September:  Palos Verdes Concours, First In Class

January:  La Jolla Concours, First In Class

April:  Santa Anita Concours, First In Class

January:  La Jolla Concours, First In Class
September:  Palos Verdes Concours, First In Class

January:  La Jolla Motor Car Classic Winners Circle


Fit for a Queen? You bet.

Below, the Queen’s 1977 Phantom VI-40. Note the rectangular fog lamps in front, same as on ours, as opposed to the earlier Phantom V round fog lights and the lack of the polished stainless trim embellishment along the wheel arches and entire bottom of the car as on ours. Our PVI-40 is exceptionally high in special fittings such as the elaborate three drawer center bar, bi-fold picnic tables, luxurious Savoy Velvet rear compartment seating, curtains and pillows, personal requisites, storage compartments in the rear armrest, “Duchess” grab handles, etc. Our car is fitted with front and rear air conditioning with improved (more modern) ducting in the roof, under the seats, etc. in addition to the facia. The car is very "complete" with original books, tools, crystal, personal requisites, etc... all intact.

But back to the Queen's PVI-40. She often wore her crown when in the car, and always a hat. And so the raised roof on the royal car, to aid in ingress and egress. Like hers, every PVI-40 was somewhat unique and only to special order. Also note the exterior rear view mirrors forward on the front quarter panel fender on the Queen’s car as opposed to the more modern mirrors adjacent to the front quarter windows on our later car.

But we can't have it all. Unlike our car, the Queen's limousine carries a heraldric escutcheon -- the royal-coat-of-arms... which changes to a crown design when the car is used by others. And, only when she is in it -- her car has a truly unique hood ornament 'mascot', a silver sculpture of St. George Slaying The Dragon. Except when she is in Scotland, where the mascot is a lion... or when Prince Charles borrows the car, and the mascot changes to Britannia atop a globe. Nothing like having your own removable hood ornament!

Offered for sale     “Purveyors of fine cars to the trade” 

1936 Delahaye 135 Competition, Figoni et Falaschi coachwork

1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V James Young Sedanca de Ville
(one of seven PV22SD)

1980 Rolls-Royce (1983 delivery) Phantom VI-40 Limousine,
Mulliner Park Ward... only 7,500 miles

1996 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Long Wheelbase Sedan Mark IV
as new, just 21,000 miles

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